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Dissecting success part 1: Why mastering Style is more important than being fashionable

what are the element of success*? even if we define success by the status cu* the eyes of the society then what are the ingredients of the success? I am Somrat Kashem technologist by profession, the lazy man by choice looking deep into what are the elements of success. Is there really any formula? is there any ingredients? that one can follow? In our first point we going to look at "Style"   Style stays, but fashion comes and goes  

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Lusberry Australia gets born with the vision of ethical appreal

INSPIRED BY LIFE, CREATED FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING. We have taken a whole new approach in fashion. Developing and designing apparels that is rightly styled, serves its purpose and feels truly natural. After all a piece of garment is no bigger than you. You wear it, not it wear you! and it must bring some benefits to your mind & body rather than just looking good and trendy! Benefits that can not be measured or seen but can be sensed or be confident of who you are when you wear them. We believe a positive piece of mind starts with a positive way of life, thus a positive style of life. You will notice styling and materials that are used in...

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