Who We Are

We are an innovative fashion tech startup from Sydney Australia mission to create minimalist, thoughtfully designed leather bags with sustainable, environmentally friendly materials like vegetable tanned genuine leather and 100% organic jute so that together with fashion-conscious customers like you we can help reduce harmful chemical waste and contribute to sustainable fashion!
OUR Mission
Is to build a sustainable fashion brand! We will never flood our market with fast fashion junk products! We will bring a high level of quality and craftsmanship back! Most of all our mission will be to bring value for your money.
OUR Values
From the day one, we are guided by the principle of being a purpose-driven brand, so we declared our purpose “To be a sustainable fashion brand creating products that are elegant in style, positively energetic, and naturally minimalist".
OUR Promise
Is to be more transparent, more ethical, and most of all more focused on restoring customers confidence on luxury bags.



Our Team

Together with your help, we are building this sustainable brand for the world, but we will never forget where we have come from. Our passion for thoughtful design, desire for sustainable fashion and love for the environment will surely resonate you.

Som Kashem
Founder, Designer

I want to create products that are ethical and sustainable! Contrary to “Fast Fashion” cheap products.

Grace Ireland
Brand Ambassador

Focusing customer needs, experiences, and implying them into product design.

Sakib Nas
Leather Tech Engineer

I take design inspirations from nature and spirituality. I believe in designs that are clean, effortless and flowing.